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Welcome to California Picture Shade
California Picture Shade offers high-quality photo roller blinds with custom printed pictures or designs on them. Now, you really can have a picture window! With our photo window blinds, we can help you turn your old run down window into a wonderful memory that you have captured on your digital camera.

At California Picture Shade the sky was the limit!

Be creative and we'll help you turn your window into a panoramic vision with our unique printed roller blinds! We offer simply the best quality, custom printed vinyl roller shades. They come complete with all necessary hardware and are ready to install with very little effort. Whatever it is that you enjoy, whether its your child, your pet, your favorite golf course, a sunset on the ocean or a cabin in the woods, we can print it on your window shade and you can enjoy it every day.

Photo Roller Blinds from California Picture Shade

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Great for recreational vehicles!
 With fuel prices as high as they are and no end in sight. Why drive across the country for your family vacation? Now you can pull down your shades and feel like your in some majestic place. People buy campers with the idea that they are going camping in exotic places but they soon realize that they want electricity running water and air conditioning, so they stay at the RV parks. When they look out the window they're not looking at a mountain scene, they're looking at the camper that is parked right next to them. Now you can have a scene that gives you a feeling of tranquility in your windows.

Talk about a birthday card that won't be discarded! 
Why not say it on their window shade where they can see it every day! If you want a personalized message we can do that! Get rid of those dust collecting louvered window blinds. Our window shades never require dusting and never get a broken louver.
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